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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 20, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we want to talk about the traffic and the weather. >> let us get down to business. we have a hurricane to talk about. we have some strong storms by this afternoon potentially. there is a front that is to our west. there is a front to our north. some warm and humid air which means volatile conditions which usually means thunderstorms by
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this afternoon. partly cloudy skies about monday in central maryland. -- about 90 in central maryland. >> we have a few problem starts -- spot. we have been talking about westbound i-70 past route 29. the truck fire is now out. it is off to the side and no major delays with that one. not seeing many delays. the drive * look good. -- the drive times good. we are looking at a nice ride as well.
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that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. a to alarm fire ripped through a baltimore county apartment complex. >> it happened in essex affecting a total of 16 units. our reporter is live at the scene with more details. >> good morning. among those displaced, 21 adults and nine children. the fire started in unit 24 which is behind me. one man lives there tells us that the whole thing was his fault. >> he cannot believe what happened late wednesday night. fire crews were called here to a fire call. they arrived and found a permanent or 20 pork in flames along with adjoining units. -- found an apartment in flames along with the adjoining units.
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>> i that i can't. i went to bell. -- i lit a candle. it got knocked over and that is when the fire happened. i tried to put it out myself. i cannot. >> 16 units were damaged by the fire. no one was injured. the red cross worked to make sure that everyone had housing. >> you do not think it is going to happen to you. until it happens to you, you do not realize. >> no one was injured. everyone made it out ok. wbal tv 11 news. >> a west baltimore landmark is preparing to reopen its doors. a bolt of lightning struck the
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church sparking a fire. the water used to put it out covered -- caused more damage. the pastor says this is a rebirth for his accommodation. >> there are some people want to say the lightning hit was a bad reason. but many churches that are hit by lightning are totally destroyed. we are back in a few months. that is what we would call a miracle. >> the charge will open monday for complications. the sunday service will occur sunday august 30. kretzer tonight is a big party to celebrate. the event is more than just a party. it is helping a non-profit to support families and prevent child abuse. family tree is a non-profit organization to help 22,000 people a year.
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tickets to the party are $75 in advance and $90 at the door. it is election day in afghanistan. there are reports of more violence. our washington bureau reporter was monitoring the developments. >> even though the turnout appears to be low, u.s. officials say it has been encouraging. >> this symbolized a vote cast amid more scattered violence throughout the country. the white house is keeping a close eye on what it calls the most important event in afghanistan this year. >> to president increased our troops to help the security situation which is very important. >> the u.s. military said six americans were killed in southern afghanistan. it is a crucial test for the
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obama administration would increase forces, 30,000 soldiers to counter the taliban and counter insurgents. >> those who attacked america on 9/11 are planning to do so again. it let -- if left unchecked, the taliban will continue to plot to kill more americans. >> the taliban has threatened to suppress turnout. many voters are undeterred as they turn out to cast votes for the candidates. one person is up for reelection. >> it is democracy in action. what matters is the result. >> one man has been in power since the 2001 invasion. exhaust -- results are expected saturday but could take longer. wbal.
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>> the man who was sentenced to life in prison for the pan am bombing will be released. he is terminally ill with cancer. he is being sent back to libya on compassionate grounds. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think a scottish court shouldrelease the man convicted of the 1988 pan-am bombing, so he can die surrounded by his family? email us your response to >> still ahead, drug use among baby boomers appears to be on the rise. >> some good news if you think life is going back to fast. life is going back to fast.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. it is hot and humid out there already. we have some potentially strong thunderstorms and scattered showers this afternoon and evening. brewing to our west as a front. things will be a bit unstable. 73 degrees on the eastern shore. more details including details on her cane bill coming up. back to you. >> in the medical alert, a new report from the substance abuse and mental health association. the number of baby boomers of using drugs is on the rise. americans in their 50's say
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their use of drugs has nearly say their use of drugs has nearly doubled over the past few years. illicit drug use among other age groups stayed the same or declined. >> americans are living longer than before. that is according to a research study. most americans live to be nearly 78 years old. that is an increase in the last study conducted in 2006. the debt rate reached a record low. fewer people died in 2007 any year before. heart disease and cancer account for more than half of the deaths. coming up, sandra and sarah are back from your. they get plenty of stories to tell. >> here is a live look over
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downtown baltimore. we will update weather and traffic next. stay with us, you are
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>> good morning. the problems that we had our already cleared. we are looking at a really nice ride. the speed sensors are up to speed at this hour. 11 minutes on the absolute. in 8 minute ride on the inner loop. here is a live view of traffic in howard county. it is looking very good at this hour. here is a live view near key bridge. it is moving very well. that is the latest.
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here is the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we are looking pretty good for the most part. we had a cancellation on the brunswick mine. that train is cancelled. there is a 30 minute delay summer else. metro -- somewhere else. metro subway is on schedule. the 50 bus is diverted due to construction. one does is diverted at charleston conway this morning. that is related to construction as well. >> the morning. things are pretty quiet over the state of maryland. to our west, there is a major system growing. a front will get through here by sunday morning. we are trapped in a hot and humid air mass.
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that means volatility and instability and a good chance of showers and storms in the afternoon each and every day. 73 degrees at the airport. a mild start for us. 90 degrees by this afternoon. a good chance for scattered showers and storms, some of which can be very strong. 91 in southern maryland. 90 degrees of the eastern shore. the bay forecast, wind is not going to be an issue. 5-15 not. waves will be at 1 foot or less. we will not reach the record high or the record low. we are above the normal of 85 degrees for baltimore.
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70 degrees-74 degrees tonight. a 60% coverage of scattered showers and storms tonight. some may have heavy downpours later on tonight with intense lighting. there is a front to our north and west. the bermuda high is she still in effect. -- is still in effect. we will be trapped in this ms for the next few days. hurricane bill will start to the west of bermuda and in between the east coast of the u.s.. this hurricane will strengthen back to a car came 4 -- to a hurricane 4 most likely. canada will be contending with this first major hurricane of the year later on this weekend.
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dodging late day showers each and every day through saturday. sunday may be nice around 84 degrees. the dewpoint will drop through next week. we are in store for a nice weather pattern if we can make it through the next few days. they said we cannot do your normal weather maps. they made one for me. the affirmation was not right. they added pressure of for baltimore. reed is that in there -- regis philbin got in there and he was not used to it. you have to roll with it. it was incredible. >> it was all documented by sarah.
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>> it was such a crazy world wind. it was so much fun. we got to get up with her early in the morning. >> hi, everybody. we are in new york city. we made it here. this is the big day. santer will be coasting with regis philbin. will find out -- sandra will be co-host thing with regis philbin. we will find out how she is doing. let's get a wake-up call. sandra? >> good morning. >> how are you feeling? >> fabulous. >> did to get a good sleep? >> yes. it was great. the producer called me yesterday and said we want you to give a national forecast. they are making my own special map. >> she got to sleep in until
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5:00 a.m. then she got down to work preparing the forecast for a national audience. much of the preparation began the day before with the delivery of notes to review for the show. >> 27 minutes long. >> it then a long list of question and information on the guests for the day. >> we have tim gunn. >> we got to see her outfit for the big show. she did not disappoint. it is time for hair and makeup. the studio audience was arriving in baltimore represented. laura smith made the trip to give for some support. >> everybody is so excited for her. she is always so cheerful. >> with the clock ticking and showtime fast approaching, she was ready. where was regis philbin?
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finally come up with about five seconds to spare, he emerges with a relieved sandra shaw. >> i am honored. >> in that very much at home on the set with regis philbin. very friendly with chat time, and interviews, and an entertaining forecast. >> everybody has a different personality. >> turnaround. could the wbal hire anybody as beautiful as you. >> wbal-tv. >> we did not mind hanging out with regis philbin. >> he is a real sweetheart. it is not top to the co-host before because he wants to have that spontaneity. >> it works. >> he did talk to 98 rock.
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he had an interview. they had an interview with him yesterday morning. they get trying to extract personal information. i was using the scattered thunderstorms as a metaphor. he said, i am sick of you talking about me urology. -- meteorologisy. >> people like your outfit. i got a lot of compliments. >> people did not know i was an athlete. >> i like watching the year dues. hairdoes. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> there is so much more ahead
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on 11 news today. >> we will take a look at your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from yesterday. good luck.
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>> it wanted it to your answer to the water cooler question of the day. one person says no. many lives were lost. he should spend the rest of his days in jail where he belongs.
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his family can come visit. keep emailing those responses to us. we will read more during the next hour and post all them during -- on the front page of our website. trials for the swine flu vaccine expand. >> the cash for clunkers program is facing some dealership problems. >> and the california street has turned into a board game replica. we will take you there. >> nothing happening over the state of maryland on hd doppler right now. details on the forecasts are just ahead. >> problems on the northbound j.f.x. we will update you on that and more coming up.
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brecht's -- >> president says he is to blame for a fire last night. >> 21 years later, families of the victims of pan am victims103 react to the release of the only person convicted in the attack. i will have that story coming up. >> sandra shot is back to tell us all about her experience. get all of the behind-the-scenes dirt. >> it is a very impressive muggy morning already. will we see any believe any time soon? we will find out as a 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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